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"Tom is an excellent presenter-informative, humorous, rapport-building. He is always delivering great ideas about effective communication across groups, feedback mechanisms, opportunities for continuous improvement and a fresh POV that brings clarity."

Speaking Experience

  • Agile2019 Topic: [Business Thermodynamics]

  • MileHighAgile Topic: [Agile Managers Recognizing and Removing Impediments]

  • Agile2018 Topic: [The Agile Gymnasium]

  • Agile2017 Topic: [Enterprise Discovery: From Clouseau to Columbo, Understanding Large Organizations]

  • Agile2016 Topics: [Introduction to Agile Leadership: Recognizing and Removing Impediments, Self-Experimentation: Radical Continuous Learning]
  • XP2015 Helsinki Topic: [Drawing Your Own Process]

  • Agile2015 Topics: [Introduction to Agile Leadership: Recognizing and Removing Impediments, Swarming : The Birds, the bees and Agile -or- How Managers influence self-organization]

  • Scrum Gathering 2015 Topic: [Swarming]

  • RallyOn 2014 Topic: [Culture Hacking]

  • Agile2014 Topic: [Agile Leaders Recognizing and Removing Impediments]

  • Lean Summit 2013 Topic: [Lean Transformation]

  • Maryland World Class Consortium 2013 [Topic: Lean Leadership]

  • Agile2013 Topic: [The Art of Agile Practice]

  • Agile2011 Topics: [Silo Busting, The Agile Leadership Kata: Discovering the Practiceof Leadership]

  • XP2010 Madrid Topic: [Silo Busting]

  • Agile Roots 2009 [Topic: Impediments]

  • XP2008 Trondheim [Topic: Impediments]

  • Scrum Gathering 2008 [Seattle Topic: Impediments, Swarming]