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What Does Outrageous Success Look Like?

So there I am at the breakfast table this morning, listening to the soft snap, crackle, pop of my Rice Crispies as they soak up the Jim Beam (the preferred breakfast of old project managers). With the aroma of inspiration in the air, I started to wonder, “What can I do this year to blow people’s doors off?”

What’s the one big thing I could do that others would look at and say, “Wow! That was amazing!” It doesn’t happen every year (although I wish it would), but when it does, it makes me feel like my time was spent on something worthwhile.

Another way of looking at it would be, what’s the greatest failure possible for me this year? What could I attempt and fail at that would be truly epic? Sometimes we measure the greatness of our achievements by what we attempt. Sometimes we just serve as a warning to others!

When I’m working as a coach I ask people this question, “Can you tell me what outrageous success looks like?” Sometimes they can’t, in which case I know they need a *lot* of help. Often they can, and I love that part. It gives me a target to shoot for. I’m not in the game for a bunt or just a base hit – I want to swing for the back fence! I’ve done mediocrity enough to know that it’s not very satisfying, these days I’d rather try and knock one out of the park!

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