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The Heart of Business

I stumbled across a great quote from Dan Roam,

“The heart of business is problem solving.”

This is a great phrase. Why did he use the words he did? Take “heart” for example: it could refer to the central nature of problem solving – it is at the core of what we do in business. But when I see the word heart other associations arise for me. To me, heart refers to a sense of passion about something. It speaks to something that I love. Problem solving is a passion that we pursue – something that we love to do.

It reminds me of another great quote from Ken Schwaber,

“Work can and should be an ennobling experience.”

I remember the first time I saw that quote – it blew me away. How can work possibly be ennobling? I’m sure there are many ways, but here’s one for your consideration: work can be ennobling if we are allowed to pursue our passion for problem solving.

I’ll take it even one step further – I pursue my passion for resolving impediments. Isn’t that what you want in project leadership? Take your favorite methodology and rephrase it in those terms and see if it fits:

  1. The heart of scrum is resolving impediments

  2. The heart of kanban is eliminating waste

  3. The heart of XP is solving the customers problem

It really doesn’t matter which project methodology/framework you choose, just follow your heart.

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