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More SAFe Mix-ins

Based on the popularity of the first post on SAFe Mix-ins, here are a few more ideas for practices that you could mix and match with your SAFe implementation:

  1. No Coaching – Train the managers and leave them in charge of the transformation

  2. Sociocracy – introduce Sociocracy

  3. No Prep PI Planning – Do a quick half day of training and then go straight into the PI Planning event

  4. Agile Chartering – Integrate concepts from Diana Larsen and Ainslie Nies book, Lift Off!

  5. Disciplined Agile Development – are there more document centric practices that might apply, especially in highly regulated industries?

  6. Lean Budgeting – can we incorporate concepts from Lean budgeting or beyond budgeting?

  7. Agile HR – Can we bring HR into the big picture in a meaningful way?

As you can see, there really are no limits to the elements that we can use to enhance or refine our SAFe rollouts. I want to thank all the folks who attended this session at Agile Open Northwest this year. Their ideas were amazing!

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