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High Performance Agile Teams Have Problems


Yeah, you heard me right. High performance Agile teams have a lot of problems. These clowns discover new problems every day. Every time they resolve one (which they do very aggressively), another rears its ugly head. And, believe it or not, they love every minute of it.

What’s wrong with these people? Where does this irritating habit come from? Perhaps a traumatic head injury? Is it some sort of deep seated neurosis that compels these folks to revel in the problems they discover? Surrounded by all these problems, you’d think these teams would be populated with those negative types who just can’t see the glass as anything other than half empty.

Not so.

A team that is constantly raising and resolving problems (or impediments) is likely to be highly effective. Not only are they continuously improving their process (Kaizen), they are also removing those things that slow them down. They are also continuously learning. They are uncompromising in their perfectionism – looking for even the smallest ways to improve their performance as a team.

So, if you are looking for the best performing team in an organization, perhaps you should be looking for the team that is finding and resolving the most problems!

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