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Doctor My Arm Hurts When I Do This…

So we all know how this story goes: a patient goes in so see the doctor and says, “Doctor my arm hurts when I do this… <insert pythonesque gesture here>” The good doctor prods and probes, hems and haws, raises a wise eyebrow and says, “It looks like you’ve got a strain. <Insert byzantine medical root cause here> The arm needs some rehabilitation in order to restore full, pain free function. I recommend some theraputic exercises in order to resolve the issue. Do this <insert another pythonesque gesture here> 3 times a day for two months and let’s schedule a follow up visit.”

So the patient comes back for the follow up visit a few months later and the doctor. asks, “So how is that arm doing?” and the patient answers, “It hurts worse than ever. It’s starting to affect my job.” So the Dr. inquires, “Have you practiced the therapy that I recommended?” and the patient says, “No, <insert lame excuse here>”

So, a team goes in to see the agile coach/consultant/guru/<insert trendy name> and says…

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