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Agile 2008 – Day 5

It’s all over now. Thank goodness, because I’m exhausted. This was my first Agile 200X conference and it was well worth going to. I had a good time doing my presentations, and I even managed to sit in on other folks presentations from time to time. It gave me a few ideas to take back home. A quick sampling of those ideas includes:

  1. Never flip the bozo bit

  2. Try to use goals more aggressively to help find impediments

  3. Try more techniques for introducing “practice” and “play” into projects

  4. Try out a few more disciplined techniques for retrospectives

  5. Try measuring the scrum master metric – how many impediments are removed per day?

  6. Refocus on testing to improve story quality?

Nothing new. Nothing revolutionary. Just a few ideas to play with in the comming months. All in all a great conference. Toronto is a fun city – with great food. The one negative note – I don’t want to stay in a Sheraton again any time soon – I feel like they scalped me every chance they got with fees and overpriced services. It was embarrassing.

Oh well, on to next year.



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