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Agile 2008 – Day 4

Day four brought with it a few surprises. It started with a session with Gabrielle Benefield and Jeff Sutherland (and a few others less notable). As always, Jeff left me with a few insights. One was that you can’t have impediments if you don’t have a goal. No more goals for me! Or perhaps the reverse. Impediments are one of those slippery concepts that is easy to talk about, but sometimes relatively hard to identify in nature.

In the afternoon, there was my own session with Dhaval “Swarming: The Birds and the Bees and Agile”. We totally rocked the house. People were pretty pumped up. Both Dhaval and I were really in form and we did a great job with the delivery. People told us afterward that they were super excited by the presentation.

Now it’s Miller time. Or perhaps Labattes time since this is Toronto. I’m done with stressing out for this conference!


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