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Agile 2008 – Day 3

Got the day off to a start with a bang today – I gave my first presentation on “The Intermediate Customer Anti-Pattern” at a very early 8:30 this morning. The presentation seemed to go very well, and I was able to carry it all off with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm (which always helps). Then I caught a session with Linda Rising. Wow! It was the best session I have seen so far. She talked about the impact of stereotypes on people’s behavior. It brought me flashbacks to my undergraduate days in Psychology.

The presentation was truly wonderful, and it caused me to question (again) the wisdom of labeling a team as “in trouble” or a “problem” team. It reinforces some terrible stereotypes from which it is very hard to escape. After that, I had lunch and then it was off to give another presentation – this time it was “The transition to Invisibility”. Again, it was a brief, but very energetic session. I was able to give it a great deal of punch and that is always a satisfying feeling. The crowds in both sessions were good to me (Thank God!).

Tomorrow is going to be the big event for me – the swarming presentation. Dhaval and I had a beer and went over it again just one more time last night. I think it is going to be an awesome presentation.


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